Laura and Paul’s Dreamy Wedding in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Siblings are our first friends. They’re the ones who have seen us grow through all of our very awkward stages and have loved us through them all. Well, I’m super happy to have witnessed my first best friend, my sister get married to her best friend this past March. It was an amazing weekend where the whole family stayed in one Airbnb overlooking the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic. We laughed and partied and celebrated all the good things God has blessed us with, like family and health. I’m not going to lie, when my sister walked down the aisle with my grandmother while my husband and his band sang about God’s reckless love, I cried like a baby. She looked stunning as ever and her husband, Paul, looked very dashing as well. During this weekend in paradise, we were lucky enough to shoot a Pre-Wedding couples session with them in a more relaxed, bohemian look. We also did these with our very first rolls of film and we could not love them anymore than we do. We cannot wait to dabble more with film because the quality of the photos and the colors produced in the images are just unreal. We hope you like them! Let us know what you think about the film look in a comment below.-Camille

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