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We believe in marriage and real life-long kind of love. We believe marriage is a covenant and it is holy. We believe in natural daylight weddings and romantic bridal gowns. We believe in brides who care about the little details. We believe in creating and preserving memories. We believe in holding onto life’s beautiful memories through fine-art prints and heirloom albums. We believe in embracing and capturing real moments not the perfect ones. We believe wedding photography and cinematography is all about connection. We believe that travel is good for the soul. We believe in good food and laughter. We believe in holding hands and telling each other “I love you” every day. We believe your wedding day is only the beginning of a beautiful adventure. 

childhood sweethearts who share a love for visual storytelling



Hi, I’m JP! I first picked up a camera when I was 11 years old. From an early age, I used to invest money into new disposable cameras every week. I piled up boxes of memories in my house and quickly realized my love for capturing and preserving these memories.  In high school and college, I studied Video Production and Photography.

I continued my education and obtained my second Bachelor’s in Music Production and Sound Engineering from Berklee College of Music. Ever since, I’ve been able to use my knowledge of Video Production, Photography and Sound Engineering in creating wedding films with creative visuals and high quality sound and creating images that convey real emotions and maintain a level of technicality that will deliver timeless, high-end, editorial style images. Outside work, I enjoy writing music, singing, having meals with family and friends, planning our next trip, and of course enjoying a good cup of coffee. 

 photographer • video editor


Hi, I’m Camille! My love for visual storytelling comes from my love for people. With a background in social work, I have a natural sense of how to make our clients feel comfortable and how to create and capture raw emotion in front of the camera whether it be with photo or video. I also have a passion for connecting with others, whether it be behind the lens or in person, I specialize in the client experience.

I help with bustling trains, fixing flyaway hair, answering texts and e-mails, and offering valuable insight to our clients before their wedding day.  I am a specialist on color correction and love making our images and films carry a timeless, true-to-life color. Other things I enjoy include: traveling, writing, spending time with loved ones, and laughing. A LOT.

client experience • color correction specialist



We met in 1995, yes when I was 3 and JP was 11 years old. We didn’t fall in love then, but our families knew each other and we would hang out together in church. Fast forward about 15 years, I was graduating high school and he was in college, we were just long distance friends. He lived in Boston, finishing up his music production degree, while I stayed in Miami. We connected through Facebook and stayed in touch that way. Since the early stages of our friendship, JP taught me about his love for the arts, especially photography. He would ask me to model for him for different shoots and it was fun to connect with him through his passion. In 2012, after years of friendship and through prayer and good counsel, our friendship turned into love. In 2013, he proposed in front of the Eiffel Tower! I still can’t get over it!

On January 2015, we got married and about six months after that, I immersed myself full force into photography and videography as a means to connect with JP even more. He always told me I had a natural eye for visual storytelling so I decided to find out for myself. I instantly knew I had found something I really loved. So after a year and a half of learning and working together part-time, we decided to go full-time into shooting weddings and couples on February 2017. Everyone asks “What’s it like getting to work with your husband?” and I always say “It’s so much fun and so much work, but the most rewarding experience”. 

as told by Camille

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