My visit to China

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

I got the opportunity to travel to Asia. SAY WHAT?! YES! The entire time I was there, I was pinching myself just to make sure it was real. From the minute I arrived to Hong Kong, I was excited by the different language, different customs, and even different foods. I was lucky enough to experience all of these things with my mom and my best friend. It was truly an unforgettable trip! The best part of visiting a new place is that you discover new things about the world around you and in doing so, you discover things about yourself. I truly believe we all need a little trip here and there where we get a breather from our routines so that we can focus less on our lives and discover a great big world out there. There were numerous times throughout our trip that either I, my best friend, or my mom would burst out in a new discovery about ourselves and later laugh about it or even cry. Anyway, I really encourage you to step outside of your routine and do something a little crazy and bold and come back and tell me what you learned. Okay? Great!

It’s hard for me to put into words all of the things I loved about Asia, but I’ll start with the colors. Everything was so colorful and bold. I also loved the fashion. Men and women are not afraid to try new things in terms of fashion and I noticed all eyes are on Asia as far as fashion trends go. Let’s not talk about how much better Zara is in Asia because it makes me kinda sad it’s not like that here. Anyway, I also loved the food! Did you know there are a ton of fruit over there that just literally don’t exist here? I tried an Asian passion fruit that looked just like a regular passion fruit on the inside, but it was sweet rather than sour! During our stay, we visited Macao (where these photos were taken), Hong Kong, and Seoul, South Korea. My favorite experience was visiting the biggest Christian church in the world in South Korea. I was crying from beginning to end. You could seriously feel the presence of God from before even entering into the church. The Word shared there was short and simple, but so convicting. We left that place inspired to be more like Christ and ready to serve our communities.

With all that being said, a major highlight of my trip was being able to shoot Lawrence and Peggy’s couples session. I was able to learn that Asian men and women are quite camera shy. They do not take as many selfies or photos of themselves as we Westerners do. They actually find it quite odd that we like to do so. They are also pretty conservative as far as PDA goes. Which was new territory for me since we love for our couples to interact and engage with each other almost as if we are not even there. It was awesome for me to learn about their culture even through photography. They were extremely playful and loved to laugh which is something we are all about. We love how these images turned out and how much of their playful personalities come through. Thanks for reading all about my Asia experiences. 🙂 -Camille

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