Wedding Day Details Every Bride Should Remember


You’ve probably seen a wedding album that you’ve loved and maybe you’ve noticed this or maybe not, but I can tell you that something these albums all have in common is that they include a lot of wedding day details. These details help tell the story of your wedding day in a much more visual and personal way. Details are also what help us get creative and help break the monotony of portraits in an album. A picture of a hand, of the ring, of the shoes, of the veil, of the flowers, etc. help convey an emotion that a straight on head shot may not. Through the years, we’ve guided our couples to ensure a bridesmaid, friend, or family member be in charge of bringing along these details since they will greatly enhance the look and feel of your wedding day photos and video.

Ask your florist to provide you with some extra loose florals

I am putting this at the top of the list because it is the least obvious detail, but makes the biggest difference. Who really thinks to ask their florist for loose florals? I didn’t on my wedding day! But most of the time, florists do not mind providing the bride with some loose florals to use for styling purposes. So please do not hesitate to ask your florist for this for your wedding day.

Bring your favorite bottle of fancy perfume and cologne

I am a romantic at heart and love a good scent. They say that memory is attached to scents and what’s a better way to always remember your wedding day then by a memorable scent and a memorable photo of that scent? It’s honestly something you’re going to want to remember (if you’re into scents, like me).

Have an extra set of invitation suites

Again, wedding invitations are a beautiful piece of stationary you’re going to want to remember forever. Keeping an extra few for yourself might not be a bad idea to begin with, but please remember to bring it on your wedding day as well. Just in case you lose the actual invitations, you’ll always have a memory of it on your wedding day photos and video.

Put someone you trust in charge of your wedding day rings

This is just a sound piece of advice in general, but it’s also really helpful to your photographer to have someone (other than you) in charge of the rings.

Order a personalized ring box and a personalized (or just a nice) hanger

I would recommend the ring box be a color that matches well with your other wedding day details. offer amazing options for ring boxes that will really stand out. Also, please try to find a nice hanger (Etsy has great ones) to photograph your wedding dress in. A plastic one is just a no-no.

Buy the shoes, girl! Invest in beautiful wedding day shoes. You won’t regret it!

We will let the photos speak for themselves (lol). But really, nothing is worse than when we’ve been given worn in shoes to photograph. It’s hard to make a very worn-in shoe look nice. Plus, this may be your only excuse to buy designer shoes. have some beautiful options.

The more personal you can be, the better. Think of writing your vows in personalized vow books.

This is a good rule of thumb for your wedding day. Personal vows, personalized jewelry, stationary, vow books, handkerchiefs, hangers, etc. The more personal you can be, the better we can communicate your story and the lovelier the images will be.

Guys, make sure you’re wearing nice socks, nice cuffs, a nice watch, and nice shoes, etc.

Grooms, you also need to look the part. Think of every detail you will wear and how you can make it as custom and timeless as possible.

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