How To Plan the Perfect Engagement Session!

So you want truly beautiful engagement photos that stand out from the crowd? Then here are a few things you need to consider when planning your engagement session:


Think of a location that holds a special meaning to you and your partner. It can be where you met, your first date, or a place you frequent a lot together. It could also be a place that represents a hobby/passion you both enjoy doing together (say a coffee shop? a ball park? Home? Etc). Or it could simply be a location that is beautiful and you both love how it’ll look in your engagement photos. Some lovely spots for shoots are open fields, parks that offer beautiful scenery and greenery, the beach, fancy and historic buildings and museums, etc.


Color coordinate, but do not match your outfits. What do we mean by this? We mean that, for the love of photography, do not wear the exact same color! Do not both wear all white or both wear blue shirts, etc. Instead, wear colors and patterns that do not clash. If one of you wears a pattern, the other can wear a solid color. Do you catch our drift? We also think it’s more classic if you avoid neon colors or clashing patterns. It creates a cleaner look that allows the eye to focus more on you and your partner and not your clothing.

Get Creative: 

Have fun with it and think of an activity you both enjoy doing together and do it during your engagement session. Do you both love painting, playing instruments, dancing, cooking, writing, photography, etc? Well, maybe you can incorporate that into your photoshoot. If you don’t necessarily love being photographed, this is a good alternative to posing.


Consider what time of day you’ll choose for your photo session. The best lighting, often referred to as the ‘golden hour’, happens an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. This is the time when skin tones look amazing. This is also the most comfortable time to avoid harsh sunlight and uncomfortable sweating. As a general rule of thumb, it’s usually best to avoid shooting at high noon, but if for some reason you have to, try to find shaded areas that protect you from the strong heat and the bright light.

These are some basic tips we’ve come up with that in our experience helping couples plan out their engagement session have helped tremendously. Let us know if you have any questions or comments that we can help you with regarding your engagement session down below. Also, feel free to click here to view more of our work!

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